PGDM colleges In Pune

There are several PGDM colleges in Pune as it is considered to be the Oxford of the east. We at IIMS ensure to provide you all the education and equip you for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. Our institute has AICTE approval which is recognized all over India, it is also considered to be different from the rest because of the teaching style and course topics. It ensures to provide all the benefits to the student who wishes to learn the management theories, these theories are created years back and are still in use because of their functionality.

IIMS practices teaching strictly according to international standards, this ensures that students undergo actual training when learning PGDM. We offer internship program which can be undertaken by the student, it exposes him to the corporate world which is very different from the reality, and it also gives a different perception about handing day to day tasks. Our experience in this subject line has been from years and yes we offer quality that can work wonders.

We have our own website ready which can be checked to know more about PGDM. All you need to do is log on to and give us a call; we have our Career Counselors ready who can guide you in selecting the right course. They will precisely tell you which specialization to take for PGDM, being from the list of number one PGDM colleges in Pune we would surely give you the best guidance.

IIMS – One of the Preferred Top Management Colleges in India

IIMS is considered to be from one of the Top Management Colleges in India; its AICTE approved and has the best placement record. We at IIMS ensure that every student understands the term management, one should understand that it is a field which is very vast and requires in depth knowledge. You can be focused as well as perform the same time in the most appropriate manner, we at IIMS show what the corporate world is all about. All our courses create a perception which is none other than the reality of the corporate world; the student also gets hands on experience in his selected field. We have several specialization options that can be selected as per the requirements of the student; he can opt for his preference field with project and internship options.

We have our own website ready which can be checked to know more details about being from the list of Top Management Colleges in India. All you need to do is log on to and give us a call; we have our career counselors ready which can help in selecting the right course. They will also guide you knowing which course can perfectly suit your needs. Our fee structure is also mentioned on the website which can be checked, we adhere to international teaching standards, and it ensures the students to understand the topics quickly. This also helps them to apply theories and tactics which are taught in the management field, these theories have been tested from years and have been refined over the period of time.