Teachers Day

Teachers Day

The birth date, [5 September 1888], of the second President of India, academic philosopher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is celebrated as Teachers Day in India. It is considered a "celebration" day, where teachers and students report to respective educational institute as usual but the usual activities and classes are replaced by activities of celebration, thanks and remembrance. At some educational institutions on this day, the responsibility of teaching is taken up by the senior students to show appreciation for their teachers.
At SBES, Teachers Day is celebrated every year in a similar manner. This year too the students of SBES made the day memorable for all SBES staff. This took place due to proper planning and delegation of responsibilities and execution of activities by the Student Council. Various entertainment programmes and games were organized for the SBES faculties and other staff members followed by lunch.
In all SBES faculties and staff had a nice time !!


The outbound management activity was one of the wonderful opportunities for the students to learn various aspects of management through the programme.
The activity was well organized ,the number of students participated were 75 and 7 Faculty members & the presence of Chairman (SBES) and his address to the students, a great inspirational ,thought provoking address added stars to the memorable night at the bonfire……which will be never forgotten by the students…….
The 2 day activity was composed of Kayaking, Rappeling, Treasure Hunt, Forest Walk, Various Management games pertaining to management skills & Leadership.
It was absolutely a great event in the midst of greenery and deep nature which made us absolutely speechless to hear the silence of deep forest……..

Radio Mirchi Campus Buddies


Radio Mirchi-It’s Hot….

Radio Mirchi had organized “RADIO MIRCHI CAMPUS BUDDIES” at our IIMS Campus. The event focused on bringing out students’ talents through various game events and competitions. This activity gave a platform to our students to showcase their talent. It aimed at bringing people together through high energy game to find hidden talent.

Ours was one of the handpicked institutes’ in the city where they conducted this activity.

The best part of this event was the students’ liveliness and participation.They all made this event a grand success.

Independence day


Independence Day is an occasion to come together and remember our freedom fighters.
At SBES we celebrate this beautiful day by hoisting the flag, which is a common practice, but we believe in giving it a cutting edge. Every year we plant  trees and along with it we take up something new which adds value to our students’ development.
This year we took an opportunity to felicitate Dr.Navin Dhakad who has given his contribution to development of rural health. Our founder president and founder secretary also released doves as a symbol of peace and balloons as a symbol of freedom.
Our students too portrayed patriotism through various performances such as skit, songs and speeches.
All the faculties and students made their presence feel by their active participation.

Jai Hind!!!



As a part of CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility and personal concern for the society SBES had arranged a visit to 2 such places,the first one being the Gangadhaam Vriddhashram-a home for the aged at Paud village,Pune and second one at Navkshitij-a home for the special(mentally challenged) friends.Our students were overwhelmed when they met the dwellers of these 2 places.

At Gangadhaam Vriddhashram the senior citizens welcomed us very warmly.We presented them a big and beautiful greeting card,flowers and fruits.They all loved it very much.All of us were happy to see our senior citizens enjoying their retired lives.They sung songs for us and shared their life experiences.Afew among them were participants for our Nation's freedom struggle.We had a good time together.

At Navkshitij we had a great opportunity to interact with special friends;our students were well received with great hospitality.The founder of Navkshitij NGO-Dr.Neelima Desai presented a small introductory documentary which gave enough insight about the MENTALLY CHALLENGED SPECIAL FRIENDS.

Special friends were highly excited by seeing the new friends,they sang several lovely songs,danced a lot with the students,they also played cricket.Apart from fun the management ata Navkshitij showed several handmade things made by "Special Friends" like handmade paper bags,chocolates,candles,etc.and with a lovely message of GO GREEN.

"The Special Friends" were over whelmed and highly excited and so were we.At the end of the day parting was very painful.As we were about to start everyone moved ahead with mixed feelings of joy and sorrow.

A song sung by our student Mr.Anshuman "taare zameen par" was very touching which said.... whatever you are,however you are,we all want you,we all love you.

Everyone leads life for oneself but taking some time for others and giving them some love and affection is THE REAL LIFE.......

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